chain reaction by PORN leading TO male sexual health issues

Here we talk about the solution of male health issues like 


How to quit porn addiction and masturbation addiction.



Techniques to cure Premature Ejaculation and Last longer in bed.



Cure for Male infertility. Unknown insights into Male infertility issue.


20th Century Health Revolution

The 21st century brought many lifestyle changes, some made life easier and others made life complicated. While physical health is more protected from common diseases, new frontiers in mental health have opened to create complex problems in human life. Stress and depression have reached epidemic proportions.

The 21st century brought many lifestyle changes, some made life easier and others made life complicated. While physical health is more protected from common diseases, new frontiers in mental health have opened to create complex problems in human life. Stress and depression have reached epidemic proportions.

Another less talked about impact is widespread sexual health issues. This being a unique combination of physical and mental factors, has taken the maximum hit with minimum buzz.

The sexual revolution has brought sexual openness in talking about sex and it's issues on public platforms. Women have found an emphatic voice in matters of their sexual desires and health.

Topics on women's sexual pleasures have gone mainstream. And their sexual and gynecological issues are dealt sympathetically. Due to awareness drive for all female-specific health issues, there is now a social support structure available, help literature is widely written and discussed. As a consequence of this family and spouse support is now increasingly common.

Contrast this with male sexual health issues. Forget about awareness, one of the issues, premature ejaculation is the most under-reported condition.

Despite the onset of sexual freedom and the fall of restrictive sexual morals, nothing really changed for Men. While they are more accommodative of women's sexual needs, Men are clueless about who to approach for their male issues.

One in three men face early ejaculation but such issues are neither discussed nor create any buzz in the mainstream. Thought leaders, intellectual opinion-makers, celebrities contribute to this mess by standing for sexual openness but not its hidden issues-particularly suffered by Men.

There is a strong correlation between the spike in male sexual health issues and the arrival of the internet. Internet search analytics and many self admissions point to the role of porn watching.

Causes are largely known but not discussed because of a lack of scientific evidence. Masturbation was not new to Man before 2000 ( pre-internet era). But the effects of this were not as dangerous or as widespread as now.

In the internet era, two major shifts happened.

• Too early exposure to hardcore sex.

• Masturbation is almost always associated with Porn. Both remain inseparable.

The human body needs to develop fully before it is exposed to sexual pleasures. The very sexual feeling induces a lot of chemicals (hormonal) reaction and consequently other biological reactions in the body. An underdeveloped child’s body, as early as 10 or 11 years of age, is not fully capable to handle those recurrent sexual thought current and its associated chemical reactions in the body.

This is the biggest sexual abuse one can do to himself. The result of this can be seen when a fully developed body tries to enjoy sexual pleasures. Various sexual issues come up in the form of early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, fluctuations in sperm quality and quantity, etc.

Self-pleasure in the form of masturbation is not something new to Man in its adolescence. But sexualization of culture made sure a child is exposed to sex as early as possible. In fact, social influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders are so hell-bent on dissolving the moral restrictions of sex, they even propagate theories such as “Masturbation is healthy”. 

They also forget masturbation is the internet era is coupled with porn and easily becomes a sexual addiction in brain receptors level. Such changes in the body are irreversible and face myriads of male sexual issues.

Such people raise their voice of activism, even more, when Medical science is unable to prove the ill effects of Porn and masturbation addiction. Clinical studies are difficult on this subject since finding and maintaining people in a controlled environment is almost impossible. And moreover, there are so many variables to sexual performance, that establishing certain components to be harmful can always be challenged. 

Pornography Addiction and Masturbation Addiction

Fortunately, Google gives us data on what people are searching for on its site throughout the world. We fetched this data from Google and tried to see how many people are searching for the terms " Pornography Addiction" and "Masturbation addiction".

We fetched the data of the last 12 months from Google and it shows the data in graphical form - pornography addiction in blue line and masturbation addiction in the red line. You will notice both the lines go almost hand in hand. One major point to note is, this is a World trend. There may be a common set of people searching both the terms. Most people are aware that pornography addiction is leading them to masturbation addiction, but like any other addiction, this one is also hard to deal with.

Unfortunately, this widespread male sexual issues is still not attributed to Porn and masturbation addiction. Even the sex therapists, who are supposedly the experts on this subject, do not subscribe to ill effects of Porn due to lack of clinical data. Porn is even confused with sexual education by some adults.

In this environment of no awareness, an entire generation is engaged in Porn and Masturbation addiction without knowing its ill effects. This generation is suffering a lot from various male sexual issues but no medical help is available.

While female sexual issues are discussed openly, male issues are treated with shame and disrespect. For obvious reasons, Man can not even discuss with his spouse. Extended family, friends are necessarily kept away from such private affairs. If everybody is silent, then social awareness and support remain a distant dream.

At 2019, this is the first generation complaining of such widespread male sexual issues. But forget about the awareness, even the problem is not acknowledged by medical society. So the buzz around this issue is completely missing.

But with time, this issue would aggravate. More and more men would suffer in silence and in private leading to depression. It is time, this is addressed and at least talked about in social mainstream media. If female health issues need attention, men-specific issues need the acknowledgment at the least.